Owners Corporation Management

What is Owners Corporation Management about?

If you purchase or own a subdivided property with common ground you are a member of the Owner's Corporation for that property. The Owners Corporation is made up of all the owners and that Corporation is responsible for administration of the common area of the property. The operation of Owners Corporations in Victoria is covered by the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007. Owners Corporations have traditionally been self managed, however, current regulations require managers to be accredited by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and registered with the Business Licensing Authority.

What services do Tweed Sutherland First National provide?

Tweed Sutherland First National is registered with the Business Licensing Authority and has an experienced manager that is accredited by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

Shelley Euvrard, our Owners Corporation Manager is assisted by Joseph Eaton. They are dedicated to fulfilling every aspect of your Owners Corporation Manager's role including:

  • Managing and attending mandatory Annual General Meetings of the Owners Corporation.
  • Preparing and distributing the minutes of these meetings.
  • Conduct correspondence on behalf of the Owners Corporation.
  • Arranging the maintenance and repair of common property.
  • Provide Owners Corporation Certificates to Owners/ Conveyances at the time of sale to be incorporated into the Contract of Sale.
  • Collect and manage Owners Corporation finances.
  • Arrange appropriate and competitively priced insurance cover.
  • Make Insurance Claims
  • Keep up to date with relevant Government legislation and regulations.

What are the benefits of dealing with Tweed Sutherland First National?

As an owner of a subdivided property, your enjoyment of the property and its ultimate value as an investment is dependent on the effectiveness of the Owners Corporation. Therefore you need to ensure that your Owners Corporation is managed in professional and competent way. At Tweed Sutherland First National we pride ourselves on the professionalism and expertise of our managers and we understand and respect.