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Tweed Sutherland First National has been serving the Bendigo area since 1975 and is still independently owned and operated by its original owner and Director, Craig Tweed together with fellow Directors, Darryn O'Keefe, Matt Leonard & Andrew Pearce.

Tweed Sutherland First National has a reputation for Community involvement through their support of many charities and fundraising activities.

As the Leaders in the Bendigo Real Estate Industry the Company strives for excellence in Residential Sales, Commercial & Industrial, Land Management and through subdivision advice.

The Property Management Department have continued to grow in reputation and consistently achieves outstanding results.

2014 saw Tweed Sutherland First National come second at the First National Victorian Awards as Number Two Office for Residential Sales throughout the Victorian & Tasmanian network.

“These awards prove the Team works together to deliver Professionalism, Experience and Dedication”

The Team at Tweed Sutherland First National have youth, energy, commitment and many long serving employees to handle any Real Estate needs. Their caring approach to Clients is renowned and all Customers are treated with confidentiality and equality.

For Personal and Active Real Estate contact the Team at Tweed Sutherland First National.


COINS FOR OUR COMMUNITY $1 a pay, goes a long, long way …

Our office has collectively decided we need to contribute more in society, especially locally. Our aim and vision is simple, to assist charities in our local community and to encourage other organizations, individuals and businesses to follow suit. We are each donating $1 a pay and have chosen our third Charity to be "Jahkye's Journey".

Jahkye was about 4 months, one day he stopped taking a bottle. After tests the doctors realised he had microcephaly (small head circumference). Jahkye was sent to the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne for tests but were unable to find a diagnosis, apart from the small brain and increased fluid. In November 2011 he was not putting on weight and nothing they did would make him drink anymore so they finally decided to put a Nasogastric tube down his nose for feeds.

The family moved to Bendigo to be closer to family in March 2012, and with better access to services for the disabled.

October 2012 after another MRI, the neurologist delivered some heartbreaking news. The area they call the grey & white matter surrounding the brain was getting bigger which meant his undiagnosed condition was progressing. They were admitted to the RCH again for more tests. All came back negative; this has really stumped the doctors!

Jahkye had surgery a bit over twelve months ago to repair a large hernia and insert a PEG tube (tube straight into the stomach for feeding), which was well overdue after having a tube down his nose for 2 years! This was his first major surgery, he pulled through amazingly!

Jahkye has lots appointments in Melbourne & requires lots of therapy, as he can’t crawl, walk or talk. He is fully dependent. Jahkye has & will still need lots of specialised equipment to help with lifting, sitting & transporting as his needs change & he grows older.

Coins For Our Community look forward to contributing & raising funds (over the next 3 months) for his family to purchase a specialised wheelchair, and also assist in raising awareness.





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